NYPD Jazz Band brings music to students

NYPD Jazz Band brings music to students
Posted on 04/29/2024

East Street Elementary and Old Country Road Elementary Schools in Hicksville were
recently honored with a visit from the New York Police Department’s Jazz Band, Musical
Outreach Program.

The Jazz Band was formed in 2005, a funky subset of the 100-member police
marching band for members who wanted to play other kinds of music. The ensemble,
comprised of members from the ranks of the NYPD’s police band, delighted students, and
staff with a lively performance of jazz, rock and other music genres.

The NYPD Jazz Band, known for their musical talents and dedication to community
outreach, brought a unique blend of entertainment and education to the school. Their
performance not only showcased their musical talents but also provided an opportunity for
students to learn about the rich history and cultural significance of jazz music.
“We were thrilled to have had the NYPD Jazz Band visit,” said Joe Messana, East
Street Elementary School Principal. “Their performance was entertaining and educational.”


Hicksville students at East Street Elementary School enjoyed a recent visit from
the NYPD Jazz Band, Musical Outreach Program.


Students at Old Country Road Elementary School in Hicksville danced and
clapped along with songs performed by the NYPD Jazz Band, Musical Outreach