Locker Room Guidelines

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*You must provide your own lock - we are not responsible for items lost or stolen.
Please remove all locks after swim.

There are both Men's and Women's locker and bathroom facilities for use at the pool.  Please do not leave locks on lockers after your use of the pool, as they will be removed and all contents discarded after hours.  We will not be holding a ‘Lost and Found”

We will NOT admit people from the track, or spectators from outdoor events to use the pool, locker rooms and bathroom facilities within the pool.

In addition to our Facility Rules, here are some guidelines for cooperative use of the locker rooms.

  • Locker rooms are a confined space. Whenever possible please plan to use the facility without using the locker room. Occupancy can be restricted. Sinks, showers and toilets are available for use inside the locker rooms.

  • Leave at least one bathroom open for people to use the toilet. 
    Stalls are NOT changing areas.

  • Belongings may NOT be left in locker rooms for extended periods of time. You must remove all belongings when you exit the facility. Limit the amount of personal belongings brought to the facility to the greatest extent possible. Please make an extra effort to carry out anything you carry in. We will not be holding "lost and found".

  • When you do use a locker room, we ask that every patron use the most appropriate area considering the privacy of all participants.
    *If an older child has special needs, or parental assistance is needed for a family with boys and girls, please speak with a senior lifeguard for accommodations if necessary.*

  • Show respect for others. Observe expanded personal space in addition to social distance; Keep your hands/feet, eyes, and comments to yourself.  Limit your time in the locker rooms.

  • Gum, food/drink and talcum or baby powders are NOT allowed in the locker room. They create and contribute to unsafe and unsanitary conditions. 

  • Cameras are not permitted on the pool deck or locker rooms.  Any person seen videotaping or using a camera without the consent of the Senior Lifeguard on duty will be removed from the Aquatic Center and will lose all use privileges permanently.