Recommended Resources

Student Resources

Students are expected to participate in extra help sessions on an as-needed basis for assistance with course concepts and objectives as well as test preparation. Students and parents can follow these links to access extra help schedules for both the middle school and the high school.

Students may also find the following online resources helpful.

Online Resources

Castle Learning allows teachers and students the ability to create worksheets, quizzes, and tests to assess knowledge and skills in multiple subject areas including English Languages Arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. The website also includes banks of questions for both New York State Assessments and Regents examinations across curricula. Accounts are available to all students; they should see their respective teachers for usernames and passwords. In future, students may access the log-in page of Castle Learning by clicking the direct access link to the left of this page.

The Online Writing Lab (OWL) of Purdue University provides information on MLA and APA formatting, grammar and usage, and avoiding plagiarism. Both text and video are available.

The new Grade 3-8 English Language Assessments based on the Common Core State Standards are secure exams; therefore, copies of are not available for review. However, the New York State Department of Education has created an archive of sample questions for the Grade 3-8 Assessments in both English Language Arts and Mathematics so that educators, parents, and students may review the expectations for and format of the exams.

Students in the 2012 Cohort (this year's current seniors) are eligible to take the Comprehensive English Regents based on the 2005 Learning Standards to meet the graduation requirement for English. Seniors may find an archive of copies of that exam that have been administered previously by clicking here.

This year's juniors comprise the 2013 Cohort; they are the first cohort that will be required to take the new English Regents based on the Common Core State Standards for graduation. While teachers on all high school grade levels have been preparing students for the exam over the past several years and continuing into this year, students can also access an archive of previously administered Common Core Regents exams by clicking here.