Advanced Courses

Advanced Placement

Four Advanced Placement (AP) courses in English are available from the College Board and are offered at Hicksville High School: AP Language and Composition,  AP Literature and Composition, AP Capstone: Seminar, and AP Capstone: Research. Placement in these classes is based on students' academic performance and criteria that are outlined in the course catalog.

AP courses represent an opportunity for students to expose themselves to the expectations and demands of university-level study while still in high school. The courses culminate in AP examinations and projects that take place in May of each year. Students are expected to take the appropriate culminating examination as a part of their course of study; students who do not will be required to take a comprehensive local final to demonstrate that they have mastered the material.

Summer Work

As college preparatory courses, AP Seminar, AP Research, AP Language and Composition, and AP Literature and Composition carry expectations and obligations beyond other high school courses. One of those is summer work. Descriptions of the required summer projects for all AP classes are provided to students in June of each school year.