First Grade

Welcome to the First Grade!

We look forward to an exciting year of learning and making new friends.

One of our main goals for first grade is teaching the children to read in a variety of ways.  We have a rich literature environment and language arts program.  The children are exposed to a variety of different genres.  The first graders are taught a number of different strategies through teacher demonstrations, peer modeling, small group instruction and daily independent reading opportunities.  The children are encouraged to use these strategies to read for meaning.  One of our main goals is to provide the students with the necessary skills to become life-long readers, as well as foster a love of reading.

The first graders will have many opportunities to develop and improve their writing skills.  The children are introduced to many different genres of writing throughout the school year.  Literature is incorporated into lessons and activities to encourage creativity.  Language art skills will include phonics, spelling, content and organization.  The students have the opportunity to write independently for a set period of time.  They also will benefit from learning to write with their peers, interactive writing with the teacher as a model and shared group writing.  As the children become more proficient and confident, they will grow as writers.

The students in first grade use a multi-sensory approach in both science and social studies. Topics that will be covered will be weather, planting, living & non-living things, families, communities, government and holidays.  Children learn to explore and ask those wonderful “why” and “how” questions.  Character education is stressed in each classroom across all subjects in order to build positive relationships and respect for one another.

The math program in first grade is comprehensive and connects to real life situations.  Our students will continue to work in addition and subtraction.  We will concentrate on place value, sequencing numbers to one hundred, graphing, geometry, time, patterns and money.  We will continue to develop their critical thinking skills by using problem solving strategies.  They will use concrete materials and models to help understand mathematical concepts.  By combining these strategies, the children will become proficient in mathematical reasoning and computation.

With lots of hard work, dedication, and support, all our children will experience success this year.

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Mrs. Lao and Mrs. Abramson