Fourth Grade

Welcome to the Fourth Grade!

Fourth grade is a tremendous year of growth, both academically and socially. It is a time for students to gain independence and begin taking on more personal responsibilities. Through character education and your continued support, our students will blossom into fine young citizens.

Fourth graders at Fork Lane are part of a community of learners. Throughout the year, we will come together as a grade level to take part in group lessons and activities.  We will enhance our reading program by reading works of literature that will create questions and through dialogue and research, we will work together to find the answers. 

Computation and problem solving are the key components of the math program. Students will learn how to explain their thought process in writing. Graphing, multiplication, division, place value, measurement, money, time, geometry, fraction, decimals and probability are the major topics of study.  Hands-on learning experiences will help students to develop some of these concepts.  Knowing their facts is an essential part of their success in mathematics this year.

In science, the students will work with scientific instruments to explore many of the topics covered in our curriculum.  We will investigate units such as matter, electricity, plants, animals, simple machines, weather and so much more!  We will also be incorporating health and wellness into our studies through the use of the district-wide program, The Great Body Shop.

The topics covered in social studies focus on the role New York State played throughout history. From Native Americans to the Industrial Revolution, students will be immersed in these historical times. Many of these topics will come to life.

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Mrs. Coley
Mrs. Mackie