Welcome to Kindergarten!

The kindergarten program at Fork Lane Elementary School uses an exciting hands-on approach in which the children are provided with many opportunities to grow academically, emotionally, and socially.  The year begins with activities that focus on learning school routines, exploring ways in which we are alike and different and becoming familiar with new friends and the school staff.

Our kindergarten curriculum involves an integrated, thematic experience as the children are encouraged to take risks as they challenge themselves so that they may reach their highest potential.  Within each thematic unit, the children strengthen their literacy development through the use of Big Books and other materials.  Children make predictions about the stories, recognize capital and lower-case letters, associate sounds with letters and participate in the reading and writing of stories and descriptive and informational text. 

Our math program provides the students with the freedom to explore concepts using a variety of manipulative objects. Trade books are often used as a springboard to motivate children’s participation and foster a connection to real world experiences. 

Celebrations in our kindergarten program include a Halloween parade, a Thanksgiving feast, December holidays around the world, the 100th day of school and an end-of-year spectacular!

The kindergarten children at Fork Lane are busy learning new concepts and expanding upon them.  More importantly, the children are getting involved, having fun and learning in a safe and nurturing environment.

Mrs. Sikinger and Ms. Combatentte