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Every student is a musician at Fork Lane School. During music class each week, students from every grade explore the world of music by singing, dancing, and playing instruments. These musicians learn songs of all different musical styles from many different cultures.  We use games to learn pitch matching, steady beat, reading rhythmic and melodic notation. We use instruments to learn to read music, improvise, and enhance the learning experience. We dance and move to feel the music and reinforce the skills we are working on.

Each grade level has a different music experience, but after they have been at Fork Lane from grade K-5, they will all have learned about different composers, instruments, and how to listen for the form of music. They will have experienced playing recorders and have had the chance to be a member of the chorus. Some children will even get to participate in the District Chorus or the All-County Chorus, as well as sing a solo for the New York State School Music Association Festival.

The students at Fork Lane make me proud to be their teacher each year. They always try their best and they show me their love of music while they are here. They make it very easy for me to do my job and we always have a wonderful time creating music together. The most important thing that I want my students to learn in my class is to LOVE music and to appreciate its importance in their lives long after they leave Fork Lane.

Children in grades 3, 4, and 5 are invited to participate in the instrumental music program at Fork Lane School. The school district provides a handbook to explain the procedures for acquiring an instrument and the options for each student. Our String/Orchestra program is open to all students. Students may choose from the violin, viola, cello, or brass. Our Wind/Percussion/Band program is open to all 4th and 5th grade students. Instruments of the Woodwind, Brass and Percussion families are available. A demonstration of each instrument is held in September.

Group lessons are held once a week. Orchestra and Band rehearsals take place during the lunch hour. The 3rd graders perform in an Orchestra concert during June. The 4th and 5th graders perform in January and June.

Many of our students participate in the District Orchestra and Band program. The rehearsals and concert are held at the high school in the Spring. This is for accelerated students and by teacher recommendation. This gives the children an opportunity to perform outside of their home school in a large ensemble.

In addition to the school programs, students may participate in the NYSSMA solo festival program each Spring. Students prepare a solo to perform for evaluation. They accrue points toward three categories in which a medal is earned. Our "shining stars" are nominated to participate in the Nassau All County Music Festival held in January.