Physical Education

 Welcome to Phys. Ed.!

Fork Lane students will participate in a variety of fun and exciting activities throughout the 2018-2019 school year. The Fork Lane Physical Education program provides:

  • Challenging and innovative activities for students which promote positive, lifelong, healthy attitudes and behaviors.

  • Opportunities for students to develop skill-related fitness, such as balance, coordination, agility, strength and speed.

  • Opportunities for students to develop and maintain physical fitness, including cardio respiratory endurance, flexibility and muscular strength.

  • Opportunities to learn and apply skills and knowledge in a wide variety of sports and lifetime activities.

These activities include soccer, rugby, ultimate frisbee, volleyball, basketball, bowling, gymnastics, floor hockey, dance, wiffle ball, kickball, team handball and project adventure games.

Primary students will also participate in group activities and low organizational games that will explore gross motor activities such as running, jumping, hopping, skipping, sliding, galloping and many other basic movements.

One of our goals for the students of Fork Lane is to increase the level of physical fitness in each student. During the last school year, 33% of our students achieved the Hicksville Challenge Physical Education Award. This year our goal is to see at least 50% of Fork Lane receive this award. We have incorporated fitness units into our curriculum throughout the year to increase the fundamental knowledge and individual levels of fitness.

We also integrate other curriculums into the physical education program. Our students will be learning science in the gym by learning about muscles, bones and other systems of the body. There will also be a focus on math skills with math activity games and bowling scoring. We will also touch on ELA skills through the use of an ever changing word wall with words that are important to the units studied in the gym.

Finally, the year comes to an end with our wonderful Field Day. Field Day is a day of cooperation, sportsmanship, competition and fun. The PTA makes the day extra special by providing a special BBQ lunch, snacks and water stations throughout the day. We look forward to a wonderful school year. 

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