Academic Intervention Services

On any given day, a visit to the AIS classroom provides a glimpse into a productive, small group learning atmosphere. Activities include reading comprehension skills, math computation, problem solving methods and content area study skills.  Girls and boys work together as a whole class, in pairs, or independently, based on the lesson. 

The skills taught are aligned with the classroom curriculum, using supplementary, high interest materials. Frequently, the academic content revolves around seasonal themes using multiple academic methods and activities. AIS offers a positive, motivating environment which builds self-esteem and encourages verbal and written expression of ideas. It is an exciting and dynamic program which enables our students to continually develop their skills and emerge as confident and competent learners.


The reading program has been filled with activity and excitement. Students in all of the grades have been strengthening their literacy skills while focusing on such common themes as character education and seasonal holidays, along with a study of the countries of South America and the rain forest. They have been exposed to a wide variety of literature, from poetry to mysteries and realistic fiction. 

Boys and girls in grades 1 and 2 have been developing their phonics skills and expanding their sight word vocabularies. Focus has also been on decoding strategies. Their comprehension and writing skills are continuing to progress. Students in the primary grades have been taking part in guided reading groups and literacy centers. They have been enjoying high quality picture books written by notable authors.  Favorite selections have included books in the Spot and Biscuit series, as well as those written by Ezra Jack Keats.  The children have been constructing well developed sentences and adding details while engaging in writing projects and responding to books read.

Instruction in the intermediate grades has concentrated on building reading and writing skills that will prepare students for state assessments, as well as improve overall performance in the content areas. Children in grades 3-5 practice reading comprehension and critical thinking skills while enjoying literary and informational texts.  Small group and whole class lessons have focused on strengthening listening comprehension and note taking strategies. The boys and girls have been enhancing their writing skills while composing organized paragraphs in response to literature read or listened to. They have also been engaging in creative writing assignments and completing research reports. 

Modeling a love of reading for your child, as well as encouraging reading for enjoyment and writing for a variety of purposes at home, will help to foster literacy skills.

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Mrs. McNally

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