Third Grade

Welcome to the Third Grade!

Third grade is an exciting and busy year. It is the year when your child makes the transition from the primary grades into the intermediate grades. This year your child will learn how to become a more organized, responsible and independent student. 

In third grade, students will be required to take two New York State exams. The ELA exam and the New York State math examy. Students will  begin practicing strategies needed in order to master these assessments. It is important to incorporate these strategies and skills into every aspect of the third grade curriculum. When integrated into the curriculum, strategies are thoroughly developed and become second nature to your child. Parents can help students by encouraging them to always work to the best of their ability and to complete all assignments.

The third grade curriculum involves a variety of units of study. These include world communities, animal habitats, space exploration, matter, energy and The Great Body Shop, which teaches children the importance of health and safety.  To implement the Wellness Policy, we encourage students to bring in a daily, healthy snack and continue to make healthy choices throughout the day. Your child will also learn advanced addition and subtraction, multiplication and simple division. We will also emphasize geometry and measurement this year. All of these skills should be practiced at home, as well as in school to promote the mastery of each skill. By the end of third grade, your child will be expected to write a four paragraph essay while properly utilizing the rules of written language in addition to understanding a variety of graphic organizers.

We are looking forward to an exciting year of fun, educational growth and learning.

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Mrs. Schwartz

Mrs. Allicino