Message From Our Principal

Fork Lane

Message From Our Principal

Welcome to the Fork Lane page on our Hicksville School District Website.

We are one of seven elementary schools and consist of nearly 270 K-5 students. Our mission is simple and consistent: to foster an enriching atmosphere that is safe, embraces and develops caring citizens, as well as a clear focus on high student achievement on a daily basis. This staff is highly dedicated and clearly makes every effort to positively impact our students for a lifetime. School is more challenging than ever with the Common Core and new State Assessments. We utilize technology and difficult non-fiction text to prepare all students for future success. Our Math and Reading programs are Common Core aligned. Go Math and Reading Street are comprehensive in nature and great resources for our students, parents and teachers.

School is in session from 8:20 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. Students receive a comprehensive academic program while in attendance. Kindergarten is full day and students in grades K-5 receive an English Language Arts block and mathematics block (two periods back to back). We implement reading, writing and rigorous math problems designed to extend thinking, as well as linking real life scenarios. All our students also study science, social studies and health. The special areas include: computers, library, physical education, art and music. Students also participate in a daily 30 minute recess. State assessments and the Common Core Standards have certainly have altered education throughout New York State. We are committed to creating a balanced program that implements character education, related activities/programs, as well as improving the achievement levels of each and every child.

Technology initiatives have been instrumental in our efforts for improved student learning. Our students work daily in improving their literacy skills in our computer lab. We have implemented the use of 60 iPads and students are excited about learning and certainly demonstrating 21st century skills. The district has provided multiple SMART Boards for all of our elementary classrooms. Students are engaged daily and use the internet as well as video streaming to enhance learning. Power School and Nutri Kids are new areas available for parents with regard to grades, assignments and food programs.

During the 2019-2020 school year, all students in K-5 will participate in the NWEA Measures of Academic Progress, a standardized adaptive assessment to measure student achievement in reading and math. Within hours, student results are accessible and the evaluation of student data is implemented into classroom instruction immediately. This assessment uses the RIT Scale to measure a student's growth over time. Like units on a ruler, the scale is pided into equal intervals - called Rausch Units (RIT) and is independent of grade level. The middle number under Student Score Range identifies the RIT Score for your child. This score is the benchmark set by your child from which to measure growth. Once your child tests again, inpidual growth for your child would be documented here indicating change in RIT score from one testing period to the next. Comprehensive parent reports are sent home after the fall, winter and spring administration.

Lastly, our PTA, led by Co-Presidents, Tricia Thompson and Cindy Garcia, is an integral part of our school. Our Fork Lane parents are truly dedicated and responsible for a multitude of our educational activities.

We look forward to meeting new parents at a variety of our scheduled events. If you have any questions, please feel free to call the school office at 733-2341.


Mr. Scardino